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Press Moulds

MAVSA offers a complete service for Press Mould Equipment, from Design, 3D Simulation, Machining & Production assitance to satisfy Customers Requeriments.


orquidea plate
free press

Ring Press Mould Equipment

Free Press Mould Equipment

deep plate flower free press
diamante plate
rosas mold
plunger support free press
refrigerator free press
bowl plunger free press
mould support


  • Plunger Support (A)
  • Refrigerator (B)
  • Free Press Mould (C)
  • Engraving Plunger (D)
  • Mould Support (E)
  • Mould Cooling Part (F)


cooling mould







ashtray bottom
ashtray ring & plunger
papa noel mould
rosas mould
coca-cola bowl mould & ring
ashtray mould & suplement
soup bowl mould

Ring Press Moulds for Plates, Ashtrays & Bowl.

moldería a-027 - outer casing
moldería a-027 - inserto
moldería a-027 - bottom
a-009 plunger
engraving plunger 2
engraving plunger
moldería a-027 - suplement
tongs 1
tongs 2
plunger support
quick change mould support
molde para waltec
bottom for waltec machine
a-009 cooling part
kick up
a-009 ring













  • Mould Outer Casings. (1)
  • Inserts. (2)
  • Plunger Flat Design. (3)
  • Plunger Engraving Design. (4)
  • Bottoms. (5)
  • Rings (6)
  • Cooling Tube. (7)
  • Plunger Holder. (8)
  • Ring Basket (9)
  • Take Out Tongs. (10)
  • Mould Casing Adapter. (11)
  • DG Quick Change Mould Support & Kick Up (12)
  • Mould Equipment for Waltec Machine. (13)
ring basket



Split Mould Equipment "Ring Press Technology"

icecream cup
split mould straweries
mug cl-11
molder holder 6 inches
chopp glass plus

Free Press



  • Split Mould. (a)
  • Plunger Flat or Engraving Design. (b)
  • Bottoms. (c)
  • Rings. (d)
  • Cooling Tube. (e)
  • ø 6" Mould Holder with base. (f)
  • ø 6 3/4" Mould Holder with base. (g)
  • ø 6 5/8" Mould Holder with base. (h)
  • Pair of Tongs.
  • Steel Ware guides for Polisher.
  • Lever Rods for Polisher.
  • Adapter for Vacuum Take Out.


bottom cl-11
cooling part cl-11
plunger cl-11



ring cl-11






Split Mould for DG production

molde abierto waltec
molde abierto waltec lado atras

Split Mould for Waltec Machine.